Discover Our Products' Impact on Lawns and Garden Soil

A before and after picture of the same lawn.
A field with grass and trees in the background.
A pile of tomatoes that are red and green.
21.6% Improvement in Brix Level of Tomatoes in South Africa
A bowl of broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts.
Organic Cabbage Study From Rutgers University – 23% Head Increase and 14% Brix Increase
A table topped with lots of carrots next to a basket.
Carrot Farmer Achieves 28% Increase in Carrot Quality
A field with grass and buildings in the background.
Mississippi Farmer Shares Outstanding Results Using Sumagrow
A bag of rice on top of a pile of rice.
Myanmar Trial Result in 51.8% Yield Increase in Rice Crop
A close up of red roses in the bouquet
Vietnam Flower Trial: Roses with Longer Stems and Bigger Buds